Welsh International Open Championships 2018

A word from Master Porl Stone:

I would personally like to congratulate each and every player that went out there and stood on the mat. Unless you've done it yourself you will not understand the mixture of emotions - excitement, fear, pressure, anticipation of the unknown... For some students this was their first ever time competing - well done. 15 competitors - 11 medals ALL of our parents stayed until the very last fight. Thank you for the support especially for the other children. Congratulations to our 3 Welsh International Open Champions: Denzel Lopez Eve Htut Katie Eley Finally, Dave, Abdul and Baaqi - you were of a great help in our club support network. Thanks to Master Simon Griffiths, Rhoda, Justine and our other Taekwondo friends that stopped by. Not forgetting Keita for supporting every single child and fight even though she couldn't participate herself. You all did yourselves, and Taekwondo Cymru, proud. Carry on the good work and fly that flag for Wales.

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