Meet the Welsh family that live together, eat together and kick together.

Mum, Seanne, first brought her son and daughter, Nikolas and Georgia, just to see how they'd get on. Within a few weeks the siblings were hooked on taekwondo and they are now training extra hard in hopes of making the forthcoming novice team.

Building up to the Olympics, Seanne and 4 year old son, Caleb decided to give it a go. Both of them showed skill in their first session, notably, Seanne's powerful turning kick! Caleb surprised everybody with his demonstration of focus and how disciplined he is throughout each session.

This amazing family is a real life illustration that there is a place in Olympic Taekwondo for absolutely everyone! Whether your goal is to lose a bit of weight, stay healthy or compete on an international platform, Taekwondo Cymru can offer a home for you.

Seanne says,

"I'm hooked. I've even asked Master Porl if he can start doing extra sessions on a Saturday. I love it. Sometimes the sessions can be tough but I love being pushed and I'm feeling fitter already."

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